Beagle Drones is back with another FPV drone, Beagle Neo 2. The Beagle Neo 2 comes equipped with some great features, including smart controls and a special flight stability chip. Is this $99 FPV drone perfect to get into the drone racing world?

The Beagle Neo 2 is built to be flown indoors and out, with a flight time of 5 minutes on each battery. The Neo 2 comes with 6 batteries taking the flight time up to 30 minutes. Beagle‘s Neo 2 also allows for up to 500 ft (152m) of controller range.

Among the usual FPV drone features the Neo 2 also comes with built-in stabilization making the drone much easier to fly for beginners. The Neo 2 also comes enclosed in a flexible propeller guard preventing accidental crashes and possible injury.

At Beagle, Our Vision is to push the boundaries of FPV drones while creating a platform for the adventurous and daring to explore the world from a new perspective. Our drones were designed to be simple, easy and seamless. They allow the user to have complete control and freedom over their drone during content creation or leisure flying. We are focused on providing the best experience and this isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve successfully launched two products previously on our own, including the original Neo 1. We are beyond excited for the Neo 2 and can’t wait for you to experience it.

The Beagle Neo 2 will start shipping December 2019 and is shipping around the world. The Neo 2 is currently being funded on Kickstarter and is already over 30% funded. You can pick up a base model Neo 2 for $99.99 (AUD$145) or a Neo 2 with FPV goggles for $169.99 (AUD$247). An extended range model can be purchased for $249.99 (AUD$3671).

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Photo: Beagle Drones