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Interview: Drone CSI with Danny Garcia from Cellebrite

Drone Advice chats with Danny Garcia, Senior Director of Certification and Training Evangelist at Cellebrite, about the latest in drone digital forensics.
The Drone (2019)

Preview: The Drone (2019)

Here is our preview of The Drone (2019), a horror-comedy flick that we think will be well worth a watch when it's released worldwide.
anti drones

Top 10 anti-drone companies

There are many anti-drone companies active in the drone industry. We have combed the list of companies to bring you 10 of the best.
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Top drone events from around the world in 2019

We combed the massive list of drone events from around the world, to bring you what we see as 2019’s best. These events are organised for you by month. They range from expos, to conferences, to drone racing events.
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Cape Aerial Telepresence™: remote control drone from anywhere on Earth

In this in-depth interview, Richard Hall explains how Cape Aerial Telepresence™ unlocks the full use potential of commercial drones by removing traditional complexities associated with flying them.
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CASA seeks input on proposed drone registration scheme

In this article, we cover the key things you need to know about the proposed new Australian drone registration and accreditation scheme.
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Flying taxis within five years? Not likely

In this article, Jason Middleton discusses key roadblocks to the commercialisation of flying taxis.
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Concerns raised about use of Chinese drone technology at Australian airports

In breaking Australian drone news, “the Civil Aviation and Safety Authority is installing drone detection technology at Sydney Harbour and Australian airports,...
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Airobotics creates Australian drone aviation history

In an Australian first, Airobotics this week became the first company to receive approval from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to conduct beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights with no aircrew needed at a client site.
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Top 10 drone competitions from around the world

In this list, we cover 10 of the best drone competitions from around the world. Competitions range from those that are photography-focussed, to those that have more of a humanitarian or engineering focus.

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