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The DJI Mavic Pro, by drone giant DJI, was one of the most anticipated drones when it was released in late 2016. This led the way for many more drones from companies similar to DJI to create foldable, portable and high-quality drones. The 4K capable small form factor drone has a lot to offer in terms of quality, reliability, and portability. Follow us as we deep-dive to uncover the best it has to offer, along with possible issues we encounter while operating it.

From the eye

The camera is one of the best we have seen from a drone of this size. The 4K capable 1/2.3” sensor embedded in the DJI Mavic Pro creates amazing videos and photos with minimal effort.   You can check out example videos here: Example 1 and Example 2. As you can see, from the images and video above, the camera is no slouch for the size of the drone and sensor. The camera also has some amazing built-in object tracking capabilities which make creating drone videos a much more simple task. This allows you to enjoy the moment more.   
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What took off

The Mavic Pro has some great features that really upped our overall experience. These range from the amazing flight experience to the small things that make a big difference, such as the controller.

Flight experience

The DJI Mavic Pro comes with both GLONASS and GPS built-in. There are also an array of other sensors that give it world class in-flight stability and positioning. Not only is there very little to no drift when hovering in place, the precise auto-return-to-home landings are outstanding for a consumer drone.

Auto flight features

The DJI Mavic Pro is equipped with a whole host of features that allow both new and experienced pilots to create shots that would otherwise only be possible with 2 operators and a professional grade drone. One of the best features is Active Track. This feature allows for the drone to easily follow you without needing to add any input to control it. This is achieved by using state of the art in-built object detection sensors.


The DJI Mavic Pro has an outstanding range of 7 KM (4.3 M). This allows for amazing shots while controlling it from fairly safe locations. The stream from the drone stays HD for all of the 7 KM and allows for easy camera operation. If in the unlikely event that the drone loses signal to the controller, it will automatically head back to its home point.


The small form factor when folded, closed and open is one of the DJI Mavic Pro’s biggest selling points and caused plenty of excitement when it was released. Being extremely compact, the DJI Mavic Pro and its controller fit easily into most backpacks while still affording some room for personal effects.

What didn’t take off

There are a couple of drawbacks that affect the overall experience and use of the DJI Mavic Pro. These are the poor low-light performance and the complexity of the DJI Mavic Pro’s software.

Low-light performance

The DJI Mavic Pro has a lot of great features but one area where it loses points is the low-light performance of the camera. Although this camera is amazing for the size, as soon as the sun starts to set, graininess in the imagery and footage starts to set in.

Too many features?

Although the DJI Mavic Pro is jam-packed with features, we think this can take away from the overall experience. The large array of automatic flight features and multiple interfaces to access similar features can make the DJI GO 4 app somewhat of a confusing way to get around the DJI Mavic Pro.

Spec list

Flight Time27 MINS
Control Range7 KM
Video Resolution4K
Speed65 KM/H
Camera Resolution12 MP
You can check out the in-depth specs for the Aircraft, Camera, Remote Controller, Wi-Fi, Gimbal, Charger, Vision System, Intelligent Flight Battery and App / Live View here.

The landing

The DJI Mavic Pro was undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated and influential drones to hit the consumer/prosumer market. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly drone with the ability to outshine most of DJI’s competitor’s offerings, the DJI Mavic Pro is the perfect drone for you. Stay tuned for more in-depth drone reviews from Drone Advice. We aim to bring you honest and real drone reviews to help with your next drone purchasing decision. Buy Mavic Pro

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