Changing the dispute resolution game

It’s common knowledge that courtrooms are generally high-pressure environments in which justice doesn’t come cheaply and quickly. Bleak House anyone?

But what if there’s a way to reduce the pressure and arrive at an appropriate outcome in a more timely and cost-efficient manner? What if there’s a way to more easily come to a negotiated settlement instead of going to court in the first place?

This notion may seem like a pipe dream to stakeholders in the legal process. This is where you might be interested to learn about how the use of drones (UAVs) is changing the game in some aspects of dispute resolution.

Education and persuasion

According to Mark Johnson (CEO of Visual Law), an expert in the growing area of forensic visualisation law:

“ … to be able to succeed, lawyers have to not only get the jury up to speed to understand what occurred, and then to persuade them as to what the version of the events are that they feel support their case. So those two factors – education and persuasion – are really the cornerstone of forensic visualisation and why our Company (and others like us) are now deemed essential in major cases where decisions are being made involving the freedom of someone or the amount of money being claimed for injury or death.”

In short, the type of matters that are suited to employing drone technology will ultimately depend on the facts and circumstances of each case. In addition to their use in criminal matters, with a little bit of imagination it’s not difficult to see how drones can be deployed to great effect to help resolve disputes in the following sectors (among others):

1. Insurance
2. Infrastructure
3. Environment
4. Mining
5. Construction
6. Agriculture

Using drones is however not a panacea. Read on here to find out why: Drones in Dispute Resolution (Part 2).

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