A couple of other things…

Part 1 probably felt like an info avalanche. If you’ve emerged for air, here are a couple of other related things to think about before flying drones at a ski resort:

1. Have you checked off on insurance-related issues as well as the logistics and legalities around travelling with your drone?

2. Legal systems of other countries can be opaque and arbitrary. How you think the law should apply in a foreign country is often very far from how it is actually applied. What we are suggesting is use some smarts and try to avoid becoming a story in the long-running catalogue of international travel horror stories.

3. If you do manage to fly your drone at a ski resort, have respect for other holidaymakers and wildlife. Try not to do something like this.

Powder hound

Flyer beware!

To recap, when it comes to flying drones at ski resorts it’s very much a case of “flyer beware” and to do your homework before hand.

We hope you found this article helpful. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve had any luck with flying drones at any ski resorts.

Photos by offshoresnowshapes from Instagram.