In this article, we explore 6 reasons that make Australia a sensational and enviable place for flying drones!

1. Stunning Coastlines

Australia’s coastline is a staggering 25,760 kilometres long! This makes for some spectacular locations and opportunities to obtain dynamite drone shots. The Western Australian (WA) coastline (including the Coral Coast) deserves a standalone mention here in terms of its sheer beauty. WA is also the backyard of some of Australia’s best drone photographers including Merr Watson.

Umina Beach, New South Wales (NSW)

2. Choice Climate for flying drones

Australian weather is for the most part very good. Although there are seasonal variations (with occasional spikes), only a very small proportion of the continent experiences extreme cold. We do have extreme prolonged heat however this is generally experienced in less inhabited interior regions.  Be careful of UV radiation, though. This can be deadly without proper protection. Always practice smart sun safety! You can check Australian UV readings here.

Tamarama, NSW

3. The Land of the Great Outdoors

Drones by their very nature are typically “outdoor machines”. Outside of the few large metropolises, population density and large built-up environments aren’t too much of an issue. This means that there are still plenty of places to fly drones!

Narrow Neck Plateau, Blue Mountains NSW

4. Air Safety Focus

Australia has one of the most advanced aviation regulatory systems – one that places safety at the centre of basically everything it does. CASA, the chief aviation regulator, along with many other government and industry bodies do a great job in helping to ensure the skies are as safe as possible. With advanced preparation and some research someone is generally able to find out which areas are ok to fly in and those that are off-limits or require special approvals.

This CASA page has lots of helpful information about rules on flying drones in Australia.  There are also plenty of high-quality drone training schools such as UAVAIR and Ace Aviation if you want to take your drone flying skills (including situational awareness) to new heights. If you’re not quite ready to sign up to a paid course, the Drone Trainer has some excellent free material including a free drone training course and a free drone pre-flight checklist.

5. Ground Safety

Carrying expensive drone equipment, drone payloads and drone accessories around could make you an easy target for thieves in many parts of the world. In Australia, crime levels are very low by international standards. This is not to say the risk of being “rolled” for your equipment is always low. However, it is certainly a lot lower than many other parts of the world. We would still recommend keeping the car locked if you’re on location and have expensive drone equipment stored in it!

Corunner Lake NSW

6. Low Air Traffic

There are many places in the world where the volume of air traffic is high. Western and Central Europe spring to mind. All things considered, outside of our few busy metropolises, Australia doesn’t have a massive amount of air traffic. Again, more opportunity and more airspace in which to fly drones!

Blackheath, Blue Mountains NSW

Fly safely and have fun!

Thanks for reading!

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Photos by Adam Scarf