KFC has teamed up with Chinese drone delivery giant Antwork to deliver its chicken to customers throughout China. The KFC drone delivers hot tasty chicken via an autonomous delivery drone launched out of a ground station after the food is placed into it by a KFC worker.

Tech giant Antwork partnered with KFC China to bring drone delivery to the fried chicken fast-food chain. This makes KFC just another company to jump on board the drone delivery trend. Antwork is widely known in China and works with the Chinese post to deliver packages.

More interestingly, Antwork worked with two hospitals in China to transport blood and other emergency medical supplies by drones. The supplies were sent to patients that required emergency procedures.

A video of the drone delivery was shared on the Chinese video-sharing site TikTok, later being posted to YouTube and LinkedIn. The video outlines the process of sending up chicken into the sky and to a happy customer.

The video shows a KFC employee opening a shoebox-sized container to which the chicken is then placed into. The box then goes into the ground station where the food is loaded onto the drone once available. The drone will then begin its flight and take off to a predetermined location where a customer eagerly awaits their KFC delivery.

Would you be happy to let a drone deliver your food, packages or morning coffee to your doorstep? Let us know down below.

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Photo: The Daily Meal