First, a few words about drones…

As a species, we love our movies. We get to see humanity mirrored in front of us on the big screen and on Netflix. Movies typically give us cause to reflect on what it means to be human.

We have more of a love-hate relationship when it comes to technology: drones in particular. We’re still quite a long way from the tipping point of broad societal acceptance of drones.

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A DJI Mavic Pro waving hello – photo by Alexandru Acea

Part of the issue is that drone technology has risen so rapidly that we are somewhat unsure of the place it should occupy in our lives. For example, big questions remain around privacy, safety, and the somewhat under-reported annoyance factor.

Similar to the early years of the internet, we are – in relative terms – in a new era of drone technology. As a result, it will naturally take some time for the boundaries around this nascent technology to be properly set.

The preview

Here is the film’s less than intricate logline: “a newlywed couple is terrorised by a consumer drone that has become sentient with the consciousness of a deranged serial killer.”

As you might have guessed, if you’re looking for a high-brow cinematic experience, The Drone is not for you.

Despite its absurdity, we think that The Drone will be worth a watch for a few light-hearted gags and an occasional scream.

The Drone (2019)
This horror-comedy flick should lift a few viewers out of their seats

Over the last 10 or so years, a particular vein of absurd horror-comedy has emerged, with unlikely cult-classics such as Snakes on a Plane (2006), Evil Bong (2006), Piranha 3D (2010), Sharknado (2013), and more recently, Zombeavers (2014). The Drone looks to be a nice addition to the list.

The trailer for The Drone gives us a flavour of what to expect, delivering some one-liners that film legend Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud of: “The drone is controlling itself!” and “Man, I hate upgrades.”

In 2019, part of what it means to be human is to grapple with questions about new technology and intrusions into our already busy and complicated lives. The Drone will help – in its own way – to push forward the discussion around that topic.

What the critics are saying…

The Drone premiered in the USA on 28 January 2019 at Slamdance Film Festival. Here’s the view from critics:

  • Brent McKnight from The Last Thing I See – “Mostly, The Drone is a throwback slice of bonkers techno-paranoia horror. It places a piece of modern technology in a nostalgic framework and has a total blast with its premise. I suggest watching it drunk and with as rowdy a late-night crowd as you can find. [Grade: B-]”
  • J.B. from J.B. Spins – “It is entirely possible that Rubin and his co-screenwriters, Al & Jon Kaplan might consider this film to be a commentary on the dehumanizing implications of technology, on some deeper level, …”
The Drone (2019)
Something more sinister than a broken controller? The Drone (2019)

When will it be released?

There is currently no official Australian release date, however, we expect it to be released Down Under in 2019.

Will we watch it?

Yes, and we will bring you our review.

The Drone (2019)
Caught in the crosshair – The Drone (2019)

7 other popular movies that featured drones…

  1. Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
  2. Drone (2017)
  3. Blair Witch (2016)
  4. American Ultra (2015)
  5. The Bourne Legacy (2012)
  6. Body of Lies (2008)
  7. Back to the Future Part II (1989)

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