Quiz: what type of drone are you?

Drones come in endless forms and varieties, just like us humans. Take this quiz to find out your unique drone personality!
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Drone hotspots for epic coastal landscape photography

To give you some inspiration, and help you pick your next drone filming adventure, the team at Ted’s Cameras have put together the 5 of the best places in Australia for coastal drone shots, plus a roundup of the best drones on the market for cinematic drone videos - and don’t worry, all these places are drone regulation friendly.
The Drone (2019)

Preview: The Drone (2019)

Here is our preview of The Drone (2019), a horror-comedy flick that we think will be well worth a watch when it's released worldwide.
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Top 10 recreational drone companies

There are many great drone manufacturers active in the recreational drone space all over the world. We have taken the top 10 from the massive list of companies to create a list of the best in the recreational space.
Thomas Bitmatta

Interview: World Champion Drone Racer, Thomas Bitmatta

In this in-depth interview, World Champion Drone Racer, Thomas Bitmatta, speaks candidly about his journey into the world of drone racing. Thomas also walks us through his involvement in, and thoughts on, this rapidly growing - not to mention seriously cool - sport.

Australia’s recreational drone safety rules

While safety and fun are two words that don't usually appear together, at Drone Advice we believe that it's possible to fly drones safely in this country while still having some fun! Every person looking to fly a drone for fun in Australia should know these basic drone safety rules.
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6 Reasons Australia is the Lucky Country for Flying Drones

In this article Drone Advice provides 6 reasons why Australia is the Lucky Country for flying drones: stunning coastlines and choice climate to name a few.
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Quick Guide: Flying Drones at Ski Resorts (Part 2)

Flyer beware! Drone Advice takes a look at couple of additional things to consider if you're planning to fly drones at a ski resort.
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Quick Guide: Flying Drones at Ski Resorts

Thinking about skipping part of the impending brutal Australian Summer to smash out some fresh powdery tracks in the white gold overseas? Not so fast! Here are 5 things to consider in advance.