There are many anti-drone companies active in the drone industry around the world. We have combed the list of companies to bring you a list of 10 of the best.

The List

1. Cerbair
cerbair logoCerbair specialises in airspace security through the use of radio frequency technologies to take down unauthorised drones. Their software is able to locate both the drone and the pilot, which are then neutralised. Cerbair’s technology can be implemented in cars, backpacks and on buildings.

2. DroneShield
droneshield logoDroneShield uses a multi-sensor detection system to identify rogue drones. The system consists of 4 main stages, the detection stage, analysis and identification stage, alerting stage and the response stage. In this final stage, the drone is safely taken down using a gun-type device.

3. Counter Drone Solutions
counter drone solutions logoCounter Drone Solutions uses various products from other anti-drone companies to provide customers with tailored solutions. The Counter Drone Solutions team were used during the 2018 Commonwealth Games to ward off rogue drones from entering sensitive zones. Products offered include Droneshield, Openworks Engineering, DJI, M.A.D.S, Convexum, and Dedrone.

4. DroneCatcher
Delft Dynamics logoDroneCatcher from Delft Dynamics uses a different approach to take-down drones, eliminating the need for special radio transmitter devices and other expensive devices. The DroneCatcher is a drone equipped with a net that can be shot at rogue drones remotely.

5. Lockheed Martin Athena
lockheed martinThe Lockheed Martin Athena drone take-down system is a futuristic approach to a new problem. The Athena uses a guided laser to create a lock on a target, which is then verified by an operator. The operator will then give the go ahead and the highly-focused laser will take the drone down with force.

6. Sky Fence
drone defence logoSky Fence uses a similar approach to DJI’s no-fly zone where it uses a geo-fence to turn rogue drones around and back to their take-off position. Unlike DJI’s system, the Sky Fence can’t be circumvented and it works with 99% of all commercial drones.

7. Skywall 100
open works engineering logoSkywall 100, by Open Works Engineering, is an anti-drone solution that has been used to protect the US president while on a visit to Berlin. The Skywall 100 is a system that utilizes a net that is shot out of a ‘net gun’. This neutralises the drone by entangling it and taking it down.

8. SkyDroner
skydroner logoSkyDroner is another anti-drone system that uses sensors and radio frequencies to take down drones in a safe manner. The SkyDroner takes control of the drone which makes it return to, and land at, its take-off point.

9. Dedrone
dedroneDedrone uses the common radio frequency method to takes down drones in an efficient and safe way. RF sensors combined with specialized software and additional sensors are used to triangulate the drone along with the drones’ pilot. The drone is then safely taken down.

10. Citadel Defence
citadel defence logoTitan, from Citadel Defence, is a government tested ant-drone solution that is portable and reliable. The Titian is an operator free anti-drone solution that can be set-up in as little as 5 minutes. It creates a hemisphere around a predetermined area to keep rogue drones out.

That rounds out our list of 10 anti-drone companies that we think are at the top of their game in the drone world. 

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