There are many great drone payload manufacturers active in the recreational and commercial drone space all over the world. We have combed the list of companies to bring you a list of 10 of the best.

The list

1. GoPro GoPro LogoGoPro might seem like an odd inclusion after their uninspiring foray into the drone world with the GoPro Karma drone. However, many drones are designed to support GoPro cameras as their payload and this makes GoPro one of the largest drone payload companies. 2. DJI dji logoOn top of their large range of high-quality drones, DJI produces a range of quality payloads to suit all your needs. Examples include 8K cinema cameras to dual lens thermal cameras made in collaboration with FLIR. Select DJI drones also carry a parachute system3. Yuneec yuneec logoYuneec, best known for their Typhoon series of drones, also have their own range of drone payloads. These include various camera modules as well as a Thermal imaging camera. 4. FLIR FLIR is the industry leader in thermal imaging, with their cameras being used all over the world by thousands of companies each day. FLIR has produced a range of thermal imaging solutions in collaboration with DJI, along with their own custom thermal imaging cameras. 5. Insitu insitu logoInsitu creates commercial drones designed to suit your specific needs, and they also have a highly customisable range of payloads. The payloads include wide aerial imaging solutions, to solutions for radar and mapping. 6. Aeryon aeryon logoAeryon, the creators of the SkyRanger commercial drone, also provides a range of payloads for it. The SkyRanger is able to carry a zoom camera module, an infrared camera module, and an attachment to carry objects. 7. Aerialtronics aerialtronics logoAerialtronics is the creator of the Altura Zenith drone, the most versatile drone platform available. To go along with the drone, Aerialtronics also has a payload option called the PENSAR, the all in one camera with AI integration, thermal imaging, 30x zoom and text, and object detection. 8. Agua Drone agua drone logoAgua Drone is focused on creating an all in one solution to for drone fishing. To go along with the drone, they also sell various fishing oriented payloads. These range from pods that find fish to the fish pod which carries a fishing line to drop. 9. BFD Systems bfd systemsBFD Systems create highly customisable drones and drone payloads to suit their specific user’s needs. BFD Systems allows for almost any payload offered by other companies to be attached directly to a drone, as well as fully integrating the payload to the drone as well. 10. Rise Above rise above logoRise Above is an Australian drone reseller that sells custom drone solutions targeted for just about any use-case. They have a series of custom-designed payloads for various needs, from claw attachments to high powered LED lights. As an honourable mention, we also include DPI UAV Systems. DPI UAV Systems create some amazing commercial drones for many different uses. To make sure these drones are performing at their best they also have custom payload options available. These range from sensor suites to communication packages. There are many drone companies that are currently in the drone payload space. The above are the manufacturers that we think are currently at the top of their game in the drone world. If you have any recommendations or questions, comment below or get in contact with us via our social media accounts. Check out some of our other top 10 lists here.

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