There are many great drone manufacturers active in the recreational drone space all over the world. We have combed the massive list of companies to bring you 10 of the best.

The list

1. DJI

dji logoDJI is the current market leader in both the recreational and commercial drone spaces. The most popular recreational drone DJI sells is the Mavic line, with the most recent being the DJI Mavic 2 series. DJI also has the Phantom, Spark and the Osmo handheld gimbals.

2. Yuneec
yuneec logoYuneec is a drone manufacturer with 4 main recreational drones, the most popular being the Yuneec Typhoon series as well as 2 other drones aimed more at people looking to fly for fun, the Mantis Q and the Breeze 4K.

3. Parrot
parrot logoParrot is a French drone manufacturer that has been making drones in the recreational and commercial space for some time now. Parrot‘s current recreational line consists of the Parrot Anafi, Parrot Bebop 2 line and the Parrot Mambo mini-drone line.

4. Autel Robotics
autel robotics logoAutel Robotics is an American drone manufacturer with a small line of drones in both the recreational and commercial spaces. The recreational drones include the Autel X-Star Premium series and the newly added Autel Evo foldable drone.

5. Hubsan
hubsan logoHubsan is a Chinese drone manufacturer with a vast line of toy-grade drones as well as a few aerial photography-grade drones. The popular drones by Hubsan include the latest Hubsan Zino foldable drone, the wildly popular X4 mini-drone series, and the Q4 nano drones.

6. Cheerson
cheerson logoCheerson has been manufacturing drones for a few years now and has brought many drones to market. Their drone line includes the popular CX-10 mini-drones and the CX-20 line of aerial photography drones. The company has also got a small line of racing drones available as well.

7. Syma
syma logoSyma is another drone manufacturer out of China with a vast line of toy-grade drones. They are most famous for their GPS X series drones along with their standard X series drones and their newly added foldable drones.

ehang logoEHANG is a drone manufacturer out of China with a more unorthodox series of drones. They Originally started out with their popular GHOSTDRONE series. EHang is also famously known for their EHANG 184 AAV, the manned electric drone.

9. Sky Viper
sky viper logoSky Viper is a drone manufacturer out of Los Angeles, America, with a small but quality line of drones. The current line of Sky Viper drones is comprised of the Journey GPS drone, the Scout video drone, the Fury, and the Dash micro-drone.

10. Blade
blade logoBlade has a large line of aerial and ground drones that have been popular for years. They are owned by the US giant Horizon Hobbies. Blade‘s popular drones include their Inductrix line as well as their line of stunt helicopters.


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