We combed the massive list of drone events from around the world, to bring you what we see as 2019’s best.

These events are organised for you by month. They range from expos, to conferences, to drone racing events.


CES 2019 Las Vegas, United States (January 7-10)

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the international stage where next-gen innovations are introduced to the market. As part of the show, CES features the latest and greatest in drone technology.  

CES 2019, the largest most-influential tech event on the planet

TUS Expo Rotterdam, The Netherlands (January 17-18)

This is one of the largest unmanned systems events in the world, attracting 2500+ international visitors and 100+ exhibiting organisations.

RPAS Civil Operations & Operations Forum, Madrid, Spain (January 23-24)

RPAS CivOps 2019 is an international conference focusing on policy and regulatory matters for civil RPAS operators.

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Photo by Dose Media

Drone Show Korea 2019, Busan, South Korea (January 24-26)

The Drone Show Korea 2019 gathers domestic and foreign drone experts and is the largest drone event in Asia.

If you missed these conferences in January, don’t worry. They are typically annual events, so stay tuned for our 2020 list.


UVS-Oman 2019 (February 5-7)

UVS-Oman 2019 brings together academians, researchers, engineers, industrials, and regulators to increase awareness, share views, and exchange ideas and field experiences on numerous aspects of Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS).

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Photo by Toa Heftiba

FAA UAS Symposium Baltimore, United States (postponed from February 12-14: new dates TBA)

The event brings stakeholders together from all sectors of the UAV industry to “help define the rules and concepts that will govern the future of drone operations.” This conference has been postponed due to the US government shutdown.

AMA Expo East 2019 New Jersey, United States (February 22-24)

This expo is brought to you by the Academy of Model Aeronautics. This conference is not dedicated specifically to drones, but drones are being increasingly featured at the conference due to their growing popularity.

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Photo by Aaron Burden

CivilDRON 2019, Madrid, Spain (February 26-27)

This 2 day event is one of the leading drone shows in Spain, and focuses on civil drone applications.


New York City Drone Film Festival 2019, NY United States (March 1-3)

NY Drone Film Festival celebrates the art of drone cinematography. The festival provides a platform for filmmakers from every corner of the globe to exhibit their work.

DroneZone DownUnder Melbourne, Australia (March 1-3)

The Drone Zone is Australia’s leading drone expo and attracts professionals and companies from all sections of the Australian drone industry.

Japan Drone Expo 2019, Chiba Japan (March 13-15)

Japan Drone Expo is a leading drone show in Japan. The theme for the 2019 event is the commercialization of drones.

Drone Days 2019 Brussels, Belgium (March 17)

Drone Days is a B2B drone event that brings manufactuers, service providers, training centres, universities and startups together, and links them with enterprises whose core business and activity could benefit from drones.

Drone Champions League, Drone Grand Prix Laax, Switzerland (March 28)

The Drone Champions League (DCL) is the world’s first live high-speed race series for drones. The DCL starts the 2019 season at the world-famous Snowpark Laax.


Commercial UAV Expo Europe 2019 Amsterdam, The Netherlands (April 8-10)

This is the only pan-European event focused on drones for industrial use. Commercial UAV Expo Europe is a must attend event for keeping up with latest drone-tech developments.

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Photo by Jace Afsoon

AUVSI Xponential Chicago, United States (April 29 – May 2)

AUVSI Xponential is the largest, most comprehensive trade show for unmanned and autonomous systems. The event attracts technologists, regulators and users across commercial and defence sectors.


International Drone Day 2019, worldwide (May 4)

On this day, hundreds of teams throughout the world will hold events to educate those outside of the drone community about the ways drones beneficially contribute to society. In 2018, more than 40,000 people in 150+ countries took part.

You can join a team here.

International Drone Expo 2019 Tokyo, Japan (May 29-31)

The International Drone Expo showcases trending drone technology and provides wide-ranging B2B opportunities for attendees. The Expo sees 55,000+ attendees from all parts of the world.


Drone Expo International 2019 Atlanta City, United States (June 27-30)

Drone Expo International is the largest and most diverse event of its kind in the eastern United States. The show is for drone enthusiasts, hobbyists and professionals.

RoboUniverse Drone 2019, Seoul, South Korea (June 28-30)

RoboUniverse is the first professional buyer – seller conference and exposition dedicated to the service robotics industry. Their mission is to “accelerate the adoption of modern robotics – service, collaborative, and aerial (drones) robots for business, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, education, personal, and home-based applications.”

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Photo by Dominik Scythe


2019 German Drone World Cup, Nördlingen Germany (July 13-14)

The German Drone World Cup is a race held in the lead up to the FAI World Cup.

A similar event is held in France.


Beijing Consumer Electronics Expo 2019, China (August 3-5)

The 2019 event is yet to be confirmed.

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Photo by Hanson Lu

UAS Summit & Expo, Grand Forks, United States (August 20-22)

The 2019 event is yet to be confirmed.


InterDrone 2019, Las Vegas, United States (September 3-6)

InterDrone is the largest commercial drone event in North America.

World of Drones Congress Brisbane, Australia (September 26-27)

World of Drones Congress is about the business of drones and how drones can be applied to industry, business and the delivery of government services. Over 1,200 delegates from across the Asia Pacific and beyond are expected to attend the event.


Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2019 Las Vegas, United States (October 28-30)

Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2019 is a leading drone conference and expo. The Expo is an excellent choice for professionals looking to stay up-to-date on the latest in UAS technology, trends and developments.

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Photo by James Walsh

Unmanned Canada 2019 Ottawa, Canada (October 30 – November 1)

This is the leading B2B event for the Canadian drone (UAV) industry.


AMA Expo West 2019 Ponoma, United States (November 1-3)

The AMA Expo West 2019 is brought to you by the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Drones are being increasingly featured at AMA Expos due to their growing popularity.

National Drone Show, Washington D.C., United States (November 26)

The National Drone Show expo features UAV video capture technology, a drone flying cage, educational sessions, panels and hands-on training.

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Photo by Jason Blackeye


UK Drone Show 2019 (dates to be confirmed)

The UK Drone Show is Europe’s leading consumer drone technology expo.


These are the events that we think are at the forefront of the rapidly growing global drone industry.

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