“Drones do more than you think and they are here to stay”. This is the catchline of the newly-launched World of Drones Education (WoDE) platform created by Australia’s Dr. Catherine Ball and her team.

The platform includes a broad range of drone and robotics-related educational resources, created by industry experts and educational leaders.

According to the WoDE website, WoDE’s mission is to revolutionise Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education pathways by “helping support links around the world for people to talk about how they want these technologies to work for the betterment of humanity.”

WoDE is inviting teachers or educators to join their education platform for free

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Photo by Samuel Zeller from Unsplash

By signing up, teachers will get access to the complete set of WoDE resources (including online LMS Education Modules and safety information) and access to VIP, invite-only events.

Pricing for VIP launch packages, and sponsorships and partnerships, are also available at the WoDE website.

By launching the site, WoDE is tapping into the nascent capacity for drones and related robotic technologies to be a force for good in the world.

According to statistics compiled by drone giant DJI, at least 133 lives have been saved by drones. As DJI continues to roll out its drone lines across the world, it is anticipated that this figure will only continue to climb.

In recent times, drones have found great utility in public safety agencies. Examples include use in fire and police departments, through to parks and wildlife departments.

In Australia, one way in which drones are being used is to save lives on our beaches.

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Photo by Josh Spires

Drone Advice is pleased and excited to welcome WoDE to the drone ecosystem. We look forward to watching the platform develop and become a driving force in revolutionising STEM education globally.

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